Valcare coordinates a thriving membership network consisting of hundreds of nonprofit organisations in the Paarl valley and surrounding areas.

Although we have a partnership funding strategy to support projects and initiatives through an application process, many of our members have ongoing physical needs – big and small. We are always on the look-out for individuals, corporates and foundations to take hands and help where they can.

This is an updated list of the requests we receive from our member organisations.

How can you help?

  • Praying
  • Volunteering
  • Donating Gifts in Kind
  • Donating Financially

Member Organisations’ Needs

ACVV Paarl Valley
20x sleeping bags and 20x towels for children going on a life orientation camp from 31 Aug – 2 Sept.

Two Olives Ministry
Basic needs for people that have been evicted and are currently in temporary housing in New Orleans. Blankets, clothing, food, school uniforms, stationary and school transport for 25 learners. 

Help & Health Feeding Project

House Andrew Murray
Toiletries and stationary.

RAHAB Ministry
Sugar, milk, bread and fruit, toiletries, transport opportunities in the mornings to Wellington.

Support The Girls Project
Food, beverages, crockery and cutlery for 300 girls that will be attending a Spiritual Warfare Bootcamp in Mbekweni.

Ma’s vir Wellington
Track suits and socks for 3-6 year old children as part of their winter drive.

Lethulwazi Community Development Project
Food (vegetables, canned food, food parcels), toiletries, blankets, clothing.

Ma’s vir Wellington
Backpacks for 158 children [click here]

RAHAB Ministry

Island of Hope

Gouda Learning Assistance
Food (maize meal, vegetables, soup mix, etc)

Tiny Todds Day Care

Magda’s Soup Kitchen
Tea trolley, industrial vegetable cutter, industrial dough machine, bed, blankets

Hope for Youth South Africa
Stationary (books, pens, note books for training), projector, flip chart, flip chart paper, copy paper, name tags, other stationary (colouring pencils, pencils, erasers, mon-ami, etc for children), material for Arts and Crafts Matric project.

Lukhanyo Youth Development Organisation
Stipends for volunteers (Centre Manager, Program Coordinator, Housekeeper), 8x computers, printer, sound system, staff uniforms (t-shirts), arts and cultural group attire/ uniforms, cleaning products (floor polish, 4x mops, 4x brooms), bulk toilet paper.