Proteas of the Valley is a women’s empowerment initiative that honours and celebrates inspirational women in the Cape Winelands.

On the eve of Women’s Month 2012, the Relationship Manager of Valcare, Jolanda van der Lingen, felt a calling to honour a couple of wonderful women that she knew. The idea was to select a lady for each day of the month to share her story on Facebook. The rest is history.

Over the years, the concept of the initiative has grown and evolved, but the core has remained unchanged. The public is invited to nominate women who are making an incredible difference in their communities. It started out with 31 women for each day of August, but since 2019 we are focusing on 15 women.

The ladies get spoilt with a professional photo shoot where after their story and photographs are shared on social media and in the local newspaper and radio stations over the month of August.

At the end of August, the campaign is usually closed on a High Tea note at an elegant event with guest speakers and performances, as well as incredible gift hampers and vouchers to make the women feel extra special.

A total of 74 ladies  have been selected so far and forms part of Valcare’s honourary Proteas of the Valley list.

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Proteas of the Valley 2019

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Proteas of the Valley 2018

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