Charity Platform

By joining Valcare, your project will be taking hands with us and our partners, to strengthen your capacity to benefit our valley.

The Advantages:

  • Annual update of your project’s information on our data base.
  • Marketing opportunities through our website, social media, newsletter and media exposure.
  • Access to our funder and volunteer data base.
  • Lower tariffs offered for training.
  • Training to increase capacity.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Administrative and operational guidance support.
  • Reception of donations, including food for soup kitchens through Mamma Food Group.

Capacity Building Levels

Projects partnering with Valcare are divided into three levels:

  • Registered as an NPO/NPC/Trust/PBO.
  • Registered as Tax Exempt – Article 18A.
  • Active in the community.
  • Pays employees or has volunteers who render services.
  • Posesses an active Executive.
  • Operational procedures in place.
  • No departmental investigation.

  • Registered as an NPO/NPC/Trust.
  • Active in the community.
  • Pays employees or have volunteers who render services.
  • Possesses an Executive that is either active or inactive.
  • Operational procedures are not in place.
  • No departmental investigation.

  • Not registered.
  • Active in the community.
  • Volunteers but no paid employees that render services.
  • No Executive.
  • No operational procedures in place.

Valcare supports all levels of projects in different ways to develop and build your potential in order to achieve more.

Level 2 projects are supported with governance, financial management, project management, staff and volunteer management, funding and writing of funding proposals.

Level 3 projects are supported with registration at the Department of Social Development.
A variety of training is also offered to up-skill project teams on leadership, administration, social media etc.