Story of Hope: From Gang-member to Talented Performer

Daylin Prins grew up in Lantana, a community outside Paarl, South Africa, which is riddled with gangsterism. Many young people in this community grow up in negative and uninspiring situations.  Life was not different for Daylin. His mother passed away due to skin cancer and his dad was never present in his life, leaving him without direction.  At the age of 15, Daylin fell in with the wrong crowd. He got involved with a gang [...]

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5 Top Tips to Host Online Events, Trainings and Meetings

With many nonprofits working remotely or being restricted to host big gatherings due to Covid-19 regulations, we have all had to find new ways to connect with one another. Over the last year, we’ve had to adapt or die by attending and hosting online trainings, conferences, networking sessions and meetings. What started out as a temporary solution, has become an integrated method of organisations’ operations and communication. Here are five tips to equip you with [...]

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Story of Hope: From Wide-eyed Boy to Promising Chef

Sandisile Sonka was only 15 when his mother passed away, leaving him with one important responsibility - the imperative of cooking for the family. Born in Franschhoek in the Cape Winelands, Sandisile and his mother would spend hours in the kitchen making food. Even though he was young and knew very little about cooking, it instantly became his love and passion. “At that stage I loved to prepare pap and wors, or simple meals like [...]

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