Valcare coordinates a thriving membership network consisting of hundreds of nonprofit organisations in the Paarl valley and surrounding areas.

Although we have a partnership funding strategy to support projects and initiatives through an application process, many of our members have ongoing physical needs – big and small. We are always on the look-out for individuals, corporates and foundations to take hands and help where they can.

This is an updated list of the requests we receive from our member organisations.

How can you help?

  • Praying
  • Volunteering
  • Donating Gifts in Kind
  • Donating Financially

Member Organisations’ Needs

Matai Youth Camp NPC
50x Blankets.

Drakenstein Royal House [Heritage Day ceremony: 24 Sept – 150 people]
Food [potatoes, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, bread, meat, rice, flour, polony, cheese, tomatoes, russians, coffee, tea, milk, sugar, cool drink), banners, loud speaker, sound box.

Community Aftercare Sanitation Education [Graduation ceremony – 10 Oct]
Food, desserts, hot or cold beverages, decorations, table attire, backdrops for entrance/ photo booth, financial contribution.

Masincedane Day Care Centre [Spring Day: 22 Sept – 30 children]
Clothing, toys, lunch, juice.

Life Fantastic Educare [Christmas party: 29 Nov – 68 children]
Juice, cake, hot dogs, toys [0-1 yr: 8 boys and 9 girls / 2 yr: 6 boys and 12 girls / 3 yr: 5 boys and 5 girls / 4 yr: 6 boys and 4 girls / 5 yr: 6 boys and 7 girls]

Groenheuwel Soup Kitchen
Large cooking pot.

Bread from Heaven
Printer, camera, large cooking pots, container, food, plastic plates, bowls or cups.

Little Fighters Cancer Trust
Toiletry bags: bag, tooth brush, tooth paste, face cloth, face towel, soap, shampoo, wipes, aqueous cream, ear buds, tissues, hand sanitizer, sanitary pads, bum cream.

Marge Soup Kitchen
Gas-stove, 10 large cooking pots.

Drakenstein Cochoqua Council
Blankets, clothing, office furniture, & equipment, hardware for repair & maintenance [click here].

Shariefa’s Soup Kitchen
Large soup pot (50 liter), ladle, dry soup ingredients, plastic soup bowls.

Kiddies University Creche

Mosaic Community Development
Various household items and furniture [click here].

Two Olives Ministry
Food or food parcels.

Paarl East Soup Kitchen
Refreshments for children, electric stove, refrigerator.

ET Day Care
Ceiling board.

Life Fantastic Educare
20x baby blankets, 60x spoons, 60x bowls, 30x mattresses, 60x cups, curtains.

Rise up with Advocacy and Action
Sunday School competition for 70 children (t-shirts, green ribbons, 3 trophy’s, medals).

Ma’s vir Wellington
Sponsorship towards a track suit and socks for children aged 3-6 years (winter project).  read more

ACVV Paarl: Nieuwedrift Primary
Stationary, educational toys, reading books, tables, chairs, dvd player, and 24x towels.

Sonlia Community Centre
Financial contribution towards new building.

Lingelihle Educare
4-Plate electric stove, verandah, paving, 2x carpets, 3x large pots.

Care Career Connection
Long table and chairs to seat 10 people, 2x school desks (and benches), fan, laptop, 2x kettles, 3x 16GB flash drives.