Valcare coordinates a thriving membership network consisting of hundreds of nonprofit organisations in the Paarl valley and surrounding areas.

Although we have a partnership funding strategy to support projects and initiatives through an application process, many of our members have ongoing physical needs – big and small. We are always on the look-out for individuals, corporates and foundations to take hands and help where they can.

This is an updated list of the requests we receive from our member organisations.

How can you help?

  • Praying
  • Volunteering
  • Donating Gifts in Kind
  • Donating Financially

Member Organisations’ Needs

Sandra’s Community Outreach
Clothing, shoes.

Sandra’s Community Outreach (Christmas party – 14 December: 40 children)
Sweets, biscuits, chips, cake, peanuts, cool drinks, toys,  roasted chicken.

Susan’s Soup Kitchen (Christmas party – 22 December: 180 children)
Hot dog buns, sausage, tomato sauce, snacks (chips, sweets), cool drink, cake.

Suzie’s Soup Kitchen
Gas stove, large pot, dry ingredients, vegetables.

Groenheuwel Soup Kitchen (Christmas party – 4 December: 150 children)
Buns, viennas or burger patties, chips, juice, sweets, ice-cream.

Grace’s soup Kitchen (Christmas party – 20 December: 200 children)
Cool drink, biscuits, sweets, chips, bananas, oranges, Christmas lights.

Magda’s Soup Kitchen
Dry ingredients for food parcels.

Amado Animal Assisted Therapy
Sponsorship towards care for horses. [click here]

Kathy’s Educare & Pre-Primary School
Sponsorship toward building of perimeter fencing, building material or building project costs toward new school. [letter | building plan]

Intsika YeSizwe Community Soup Kitchen
Pots, stoves, food parcels.

Sonlia Community Centre
Stationary for four Gr R learners (1x jumbo crayons, 2x white board markers-red/ blue/ green, 1x A4 hardcover book, 1x scissors, 1x wet wipes/ tissues, 2x 40g Pritt, 1x file, 1x A4 ream rotatrim), 1x 4-6 piece wooden puzzle, 1x toilet paper, 1x plastic mug.

The Nehemia Project (Christmas lunch – 17 Dec at Paardenberg Correctional Facility: 100 inmates)
Meat/ chicken, boerewors, salad dressing (mayonnaise, sweet chilli sauce), ice-cream, foam cups, foam containers, cooldrink, snacks, toiletry bag with roll-on, soap, face cloth, toothpaste, toothbrush.

Rise up with Advocacy & Action
1x Desktop, 3x laptops, office furniture (desks, chairs), stationary.

The AFM Caring Welfare Group
Flat screen television.

Koplande Speelskool
Sponsorship towards renovation of current kitchen as requested by Department of Health. [click here]

Ma’s vir Wellington
Sponsorship during festive season. [click here]

Kin Culture
Laminate machine, plastic bags, see-through refuse bags, box tape, cleaning supplies, stickers, hangers, cupboards for clothing.

Lethulwazi Community Development Project
Food hampers, fresh vegetables, toiletries.

Hope for Youth SA
Office furniture and sponsorship towards renting of venue for sewing and mentorship workshops.

Dal Josaphat Dagsorg
2x Large carpets.

Monwabisi Educare
Flip chart, cupboard.

Rock Care
100x Baby Care Packs (1x soap, 1x baby lotion, 1x vaseline, 1x baby shampoo).

Magda’s Soup Kitchen
Bain marie serving dishes, industrial dough machine, sponsorship towards annual Christmas party (chicken, meat, boerewors, bread rolls, salad, cool drink, sweets, chips or financial).

Monwabisi Educare
Bookshelf, room dividers for classroom.

Buddy Soup Kitchen
Medium soup pot, rice, lentils, beans, potatoes.

Rahab Ministry
Women’s clothing (medium shirt, 32 or 34 pants) and shoes (size 3), boys school shoes (sizes 2 & 3).

Lingelihle Educare
45x Backpacks with stationary for Grade R learners in 2019.

ACVV Paarl Valley – Wielie Walie Day Care
Large carpet for baby room.

Joyce’s Soup Kitchen (Christmas party – 23 December: 150 children)
Cool drink, biscuits, sweets, chips, hotdog buns, viennas or sausage.

Open Heart Soup Kitchen
Large pot, dry ingredients (rice, soya, spices, cooking oil, split peas and beans, samp, cake flour), vegetables (potatoes, carrots, cabbage, beans, tomato, green pepper), meat, meat bones, toiletries (towels, face cloths, soap, toothpaste, dettol, vaseline, hand lotion), toiletries for babies (nappies, baby lotion, baby powder, face cloths).

Helping Hand Project
Building material for burned down shacks (bricks, block pellets, ceiling boards, water closets, sinks, etc), clothing and shoes.

The Appliance Bank
Electrical appliances.

Amharic Community Development
School shoes and tekkies for a grade 4 boy (size 4).

Free to Grow Ministries (Christmas party – 16 December: 250 children)
Hot dog buns , sausage, tomato sauce, snacks (chips, sweets), cool drink, cake.

Paarl East Soup Kitchen
Vegetables, fruit, chicken, meat, wood, gas, clothing, shoes.

Paarl East Soup Kitchen (Christmas party – 1st week in December: 200 children)
Hot dog buns, sausage, tomato sauce, snacks (chips, sweets), cool drink, cake.