Valcare coordinates a thriving membership network consisting of hundreds of nonprofit organisations in the Paarl valley and surrounding areas.

Although we have a partnership funding strategy to support projects and initiatives through an application process, many of our members have ongoing physical needs – big and small. We are always on the look-out for individuals, corporates and foundations to take hands and help where they can.

This is an updated list of the requests we receive from our member organisations.

Member Organisations’ Needs

Athlone House of Strength
Bibles (English & Afrikaans), soft toys, ladies underwear, boys and girls underwear, disposable nappies, art supplies [paint, paint brushes & fabric], kids colouring books, stationary, towels, note books, reading books for children.

House Andrew Murray Child & Youth Care Centre
Toiletries & stationary [click here].

House of Prayer Forward Soldiers
Food [porridge, flour, sugar, vegetables) and clothing.

Buddie’s Soup Kitchen
Food and clothing.

Sp(i)eel Arts Therapies Collective
Art supplies [paper, pens, pencils, paint, clay, beads, glitter], fun hats, costumes/ outfits, scarves etc for drama groups.

Kin Culutre
Double or Queen bed (base and mattress), Bunk bed with or without mattresses, refrigerators, items for Therapy room [to make it more practical and playful].

First Step Academy
3x laptops, 1x data projector, 125x student flip files [50-80 pages], pens, writing pads, 20x beverages [sandwich parcels] for students [for 40 days over 4 months x 2 intakes].

Aitsa! Aftercare
Reading books for children, table tennis equipment, pool table, chess boards, printing of t-shirts for staff.

ACVV Paarl Valley
Couch and chairs for staff room, small tv cupboard [high enough for children not to reach], television, dvd player, 2x tape players.

Gouda Learning Assistance & Aftercare
Sport equipment [chess boards, dart boards, balls & nets for street soccer, mini cricket, rugby (balls, bibs, beacons, cones), netball (poles, balls, clothing), volley ball (balls, nets), table tennis, pool tables, dominoes, athletics, hockey]; Art equipment [paint, paint brushes, different sizes paper, material to do different art, wood glue, coloring pencils, crayons, play dough], television set, pots, kitchen utensils, paint [for container], cleaning products, books, stationary, copy paper, plates, mugs, cupboards, food, carpet/ novilon [for container].

Laptop, balls, bean bags, oats for horses.

Mosaic Community Development
Electric keyboard, guitar, any other musical instruments.

ACVV Paarl Valley: Nieuwedrift After School
Toys, stationary, paint, play dough, reading books (Gr. R – Gr. 4), outdoor play apparatus, doll house.

Matai Youth Camp NPC
50x Blankets.