Paarl Healthcare Workers Appreciated Through Love My Valley

Hundreds of healthcare workers in the Paarl valley recently received coffee, juice, cookies and encouragement from caring locals, as part of the new Love My Valley movement. Love My Valley is an initiative of Valcare in partnership with various local businesses, organisations and individuals to promote a lifestyle of kindness and compassion in the area. The first project’s aim was to show appreciation to local healthcare workers who have been working tirelessly on the frontlines [...]

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New Kindness Movement Launched in the Paarl Valley

The Love My Valley movement has just been launched in the Paarl Valley with a mission to mobilise locals to live kind and compassionate lives. Love My Valley is an initiative of Valcare, a social impact company that manages social investment funds; and facilitates a network of hundreds of nonprofit membership organisations in the Cape Winelands. The movement follows their successful Covid-19 Food Support Programme in 2020, where thousands of individuals and local businesses joined [...]

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5 Top Tips to be an Effective Leader in Uncertain Times

Since the start of the Covid-19 lockdown a year ago, nonprofits have experience constant change, challenges, uncertainty and onslaughts. Social Impact leaders were all of a sudden at war with the pandemic and the severe social-development consequences, whilst having to lead their teams with both empathy and focus. Valcare ‘s Chief Operations Officer, Brendan Smith, was previously an officer in the British Army for 10 years, specialising in humanitarian aid and disaster response. He worked [...]

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Valcare welcomes Lebogang Molapo to the Social Impact Team

Valcare’s Social Impact department plays a critical role in the company to provide accountability and to influence strategic direction. Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (MER) is the lifeblood of Social Impact as it allows impact measuring of funds and investments, operations, programmes and interventions to ensure accountability to funders and stakeholders. Lebogang Molapo has recently been appointed as the new Monitoring and Evaluation Officer and will be working closely with our experienced Social Impact Manager, Anniza [...]

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New Social Impact Co-Working Space in the Cape Winelands

Vuka, a brand new social impact co-working space will officially open its doors in the Cape Winelands in December 2020. Vuka is based in the heart of Paarl and will initially be shared by three organisations, Inceba Trust, Valcare and Labit, but opportunities exist for more social impact change-makers to join the collective. The Vuka Story A few years ago, a dream was born in the heart of local leaders to see organisations, [...]

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Story of Hope: From Empty Land to Garden of Healing

In South Africa, thousands people suffer from trauma on a daily basis, but do not have access to psychological help. Social injustices, poverty, substance abuse, a lack of education and unemployment are all factors that contribute greatly to a society faced with a myriad of mental health challenges. In order to contribute to the healing and well-being of South Africans and our communities, one of Valcare’s nonprofit member organisations, Good Hope Psychological Service (GHPS), offers [...]

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Training Schedule for Nonprofits 2021

As part of Valcare’s capacity building benefits to our member organisations, we present affordable training sessions to nonprofits in the Cape Winelands. These workshops are hosted in Paarl and aim to up-skill managers and employees in all areas of running a successful nonprofit organisation. Other online training opportunities could also be hosted throughout the year, depending on the need relevance. Who may attend the Valcare training sessions? All registered nonprofits and charitable organisations are welcome [...]

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Story of Hope: From Desperate Parents to Top Autism School

Ten years ago, a couple of parents in the Paarl-area realised with shock that they will have to wait up to six years for placement in one of the two Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) schools in Cape Town. They came together, took matters into their own hands and bravely started the Boland School for Autism in Paarl. Working closely with a psychologist, the parents registered an NPO and appointed a teacher to present an autism-specific [...]

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Meet our Proteas of the Valley 2020 Women

Over the years this inspirational women’s month initiative, held in August each year, has grown in leaps and bounds and has become a highlight in the Cape Winelands calendar. The name ‘Proteas of the Valley’ was chosen last year, because just like this famous fynbos plant, these women also flourish and flower amidst harsh and difficult conditions. Due to lockdown regulations we decided to honour the ladies by telling their stories not only in written [...]

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5 Top Tips to Effectively Manage Employees Remotely

With the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, many organisations were forced to think of new ways of working. This included setting up systems and structures to enable team members to work from their homes (or from anywhere for that matter). These measures have had a great impact on the way teams and organisations operate, with more people working from home than ever before. Shifting to a work-from-home culture during a time of crisis brings its own unique [...]

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