Membership Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to Valcare network members:

  1. Registration
    • Members must be Not for Profit Organisations.
    • The following are excluded from Membership:
      • For-profit organisations
      • Organisations that promote a political party or agenda
      • Organisations that actively promote or support an agenda contrary to Valcare’s Values and Ethos
      • Organisations that are not in good standing within their community
    • Members agree to adhere to Valcare’s values, policies, ethos and agree to contribute to the combined effort of the network to activate and enable social change together.
    • Valcare’s values are:
      • Christ-centeredness
      • Stewardship
      • Compassion
      • Serving others
      • Excellence
    • Membership is completed when the Valcare Membership Registration Form, accompanied with supporting documents as requested are received by the Valcare office (scanned, emailed or delivered) and the membership fee is paid in full.
    • Membership fees are scaled as follows:
      • Only volunteers / ECD’s: R250 / year
      • 1-5 paid staff members: R450 / year
      • 6+ paid staff members: R650 / year
    • Membership runs from calendar year to calendar year. Membership renewal and annual fees are required at the start of each calendar year.
    • Members who join part way through the year will pay pro rata fees and will be required to renew their membership at the start of the next calendar year.
    • Members agree that the information supplied on registration is true and complete.
    • Members agree to inform Valcare of any changes to this information.
    • The CEO or equivalent of potential new members must be interviewed by a Valcare staff member before the organisation’s application for membership can be approved
    • Valcare reserves the right to accept new or existing organisations into the Network on application or renewal.
  2. Member Benefits
    • Members are encouraged to actively participate in the Network and make use of the Valcare Member Network benefits.  Members are entitled to the following benefits:
      • Capacity Building
      • Coordinated Efforts
      • Encouragement and Engagement
      • Support
      • United Voice
  3. Termination of Membership
    • Members may resign their membership with Valcare at any time by communicating their decision in writing.
    • The resigning Member will forfeit their registration fee.
    • Members that have resigned may apply to revive their membership at any time. The decision to revive Membership is undertaken by Valcare.
    • Valcare reserves the right to terminate the membership of any Member at any time, with immediate effect, for conduct that: is destructive or disruptive to the Member Network or another Member or community stakeholders; is a gross breach of trust; is contrary to Valcare’s values, ethos or policy; unlawful or; brings Valcare or the wider Valcare Member network into disrepute.
    • No person may publish, propagate, advocate or communicate words based on one or more of the prohibited grounds, against any person or protected group (based on race, disability. gender, age, religion, culture etc), that could reasonably be construed to demonstrate a clear intention to: be hurtful; be harmful or to incite harm; promote or propagate hatred. Such action will result in immediate termination of membership.
    • Termination of membership due of unlawful actions does not negate the duty of Valcare, other Members or third parties to report such actions to the correct authorities.
    • Minor infractions may not lead to termination of membership and may require appropriate remedial actions such as public apologies.
    • Disagreements between Valcare and a Member organisation may be resolved through informal or formal mediation. If no agreement can be reached the Membership can be resigned or terminated at any time.
    • Valcare will not interfere in disagreements between Member organisations unless this disagreement has a negative impact on the wider network. In such cases one or both organisations may be requested to resign their membership or their membership will be terminated until such a disagreement is resolved.
  4. Independence and Agency
    • Valcare and Member organisations reserve the right to their independence and may conduct business within their own capacity.
    • Members shall at all times respect the independence of Valcare and other Members
    • No Member shall be considered liable for actions or operations of the other Members.
    • Unless expressly permitted in writing no Member shall act in the capacity, agency, name or behalf of Valcare, the Valcare Member Network or other Network Members.
    • No Member shall make promises or commitments; enter into agreements; or accept responsibility or liability on behalf of Valcare, the Valcare Member Network or other Network Members.
  5. Intellectual Property
    • Members will be mindful that any content, logo and other visual media, created by Valcare, is the property of Valcare.
    • Members will respect the intellectual and copyright property of Valcare and other Members and will not use any such material without their written permission.
  6. Confidentiality
    • Members agree to adhere to the protection of information as laid out in the Protection of Personal Information Act 2013.
    • Members commit to preserving the confidentiality of any information shared between them and Valcare or their associates including but not exclusive to: beneficiary details; personal details; staff details; operations; relationships; research findings, financial details and records; sensitive information shared in confidence.
    • Members will take adequate measures to ensure sensitive and confidential information is kept secure physically and/or electronically.
  7. Goods in-kind and funding
    • No guarantees shall be given that Members will receive any funding, goods in-kind or any other donations if they are a member of the Valcare network.
  8. Communication
    • Members agree to receive communication from Valcare in order to stay updated with relevant information, news, stories and invitations.
    • The direct communication could be in the form of emails, WhatsApp messages, SMS or telephone calls.
    • Members agree to keep their communication details updated to ensure that the right team members from their organisations get the messages.
    • Members are allowed to opt-out at any time.
    • Members agree to communicate with Valcare staff during office hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00 to 17:00), and will contact them on their private cell numbers only in unusual circumstances.
    • Members shall speak and treat Valcare staff and fellow members in a respectful way.