How We Do Things

Valcare is an Impact Funding Platform committed to activating and enabling social change in community within the Cape Winelands.

To ensure a lasting impact, Valcare’s approach is strategic and sustainable. We realise that working with communities is a dynamic process, and for this reason, we make use of monitoring and evaluation processes to continuously help the organisation to adjust and improve as people and projects change and develop.

Our Focus Areas

Social Investment Management

With over 16 years of community and nonprofit experience, Valcare is best positioned to connect the right funders with the most relevant and impactful organisations and beneficiaries.

Valcare manages the entire process: from strategic planning, evaluation of projects, measuring key performance indicators, channeling funds to the identified partner organisations and delivering professional reports.

These nonprofit partner organisations are awarded funds via a strict selection process according to Valcare’s funding criteria, impact strategy and intervention areas. All registered Valcare members may apply for funding according to the relevant guidelines and criteria that can be found here.

To ensure accountability and transparency, Valcare enters into a Service Level Agreement with our funders and a Memorandum of Understanding with the recipients.

This network of social investors and partner organisations ensures a powerful collective effort, ensuring a multiplication effect in our communities. A truly holistic and sustainable solution to activate and enable social change.

Valcare has been awarded 100% SED recognition during the 2018/2019 financial year. Any client or funder of Valcare will be able to claim the full value (100%) of their contribution for BEE purposes.

Strategic Intervention

Valcare runs a Strategic Intervention Programme to identify the real needs and potential of communities within the Cape Winelands. Our team works side-by-side with all relevant community stakeholders to ensure that the initiatives are fully owned and run by the community members themselves. Valcare acts as the connectors and coordinators to manage the bigger picture strategically, ensuring sustainability.

We use more than 40 globally-alligned transformation indicators to measure and track the  progress within the communities that we work in.

Our key objectives are to create communities that are:
– clean, safe and attractive;
– productive with economic opportunities;
– healthy, educated and active; and
– has social cohesion.

Membership Network

Valcare has a thriving membership network with more than 200 like-minded organisations gaining from the following benefits:

Capacity building: training, internship & volunteer programmes, donations, resources and a database.
Coordinated efforts: various programmes, social workers support, ECD initiatives, feeding scheme etc.
Encouragement and engagement: events, prayer opportunities, workgroups and think tanks.
Support: facilities sharing, NPO compliance support, Preferred Service Providers.
United voice: press statements, advocacy and united engagement.

Click here to read more about Valcare’s Membership Network and to apply.